Creating innovative outdoor collaboration areasCreating innovative outdoor collaboration areas

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Creating innovative outdoor collaboration areas

To create an awesome office environment you need to look more widely than just the office building. Using the area around the office with some creative landscaping can create some really cool outdoor collaboration areas so that people can work together while making the most of the beautiful weather. It can be a really good idea to get a landscape architect involved very early in the project to make sure that your indoor and outdoor areas are effectively integrated. This blog is all about creating workspaces in the great outdoors and will suit architects and building managers making the most of their space.

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Why Should Your Commercial Property Invest in Landscaping Irrigation?

If you own a commercial property with an outside space, you probably want that outside space to reflect your business in the most positive way possible, and hiring a commercial landscaping company to take care of proper irrigation is often a crucial step towards making that happen.

Specialists will be able to adjust sprinkler heads and watering times while considering everything from weather patterns to soil quality, ultimately making sure your outside place receives just the right amount of water to thrive, and that comes with a whole host of compelling benefits.

Improves Efficiency

Most importantly, proper irrigation methods allow you to use less water. What often happens is that water isn't distributed effectively. This leads to brown spots, so more water is used across the entire outside space. A commercial landscape service will make sure water is distributed evenly, so you'll use far less of the wet stuff to keep your green spaces looking their best. Commercial properties often have extensive outside areas with little protection from the sun, so the reduction in monthly bills can be staggering. Of course, you'll also be operating in a more eco-friendly manner.

Saves Time

It might seem like a fuss to speak to a commercial landscaping company about irrigation and have an effective irrigation system set up. However, it's a one-time issue. Once installed, your irrigation system will work perfectly by itself. There should be no need to take care of any problem areas with manual watering.

Improves Your Image

Image is everything for commercial properties, and your outside space is going to be the first thing that people see. It really doesn't matter how great the interior is – visitors are always going to take unhealthy green spaces as a bad sign. If you don't irrigate properly, some of your outside space will be underwatered, which leads to brown patches and tired looking greenery. You may also end up overwatering other areas, which makes the lawn look soggy and can sometimes break down the root structure. In some cases, rot or fungi can develop.

Prevents Property Damage

In some cases, a poorly irrigated outside space can lead to property damage. Water that should be nourishing your plants and lawn can start to pool or flow where you don't want them to. Additionally, a properly irrigated outside space will be better able to handle heavy downpours, reducing the risk of your building encountering flood damage.