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Creating innovative outdoor collaboration areas

To create an awesome office environment you need to look more widely than just the office building. Using the area around the office with some creative landscaping can create some really cool outdoor collaboration areas so that people can work together while making the most of the beautiful weather. It can be a really good idea to get a landscape architect involved very early in the project to make sure that your indoor and outdoor areas are effectively integrated. This blog is all about creating workspaces in the great outdoors and will suit architects and building managers making the most of their space.

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Answers to Your Questions About Sod and Turf Grass

Your property may be a good candidate for buffalo turf for sale or turf grass if the grass already planted is very patchy and wilted; fresh layers of sod can mean healthy grass in no time, and a more attractive lawn just as quickly! Note a few questions you might have about sod and turf grass and then discuss these with a supplier or installer, so you know if this is the right choice for you and your property.

What is fresh cut sod?

Fresh cut sod suppliers will grow the sod on a farm or in a controlled condition, and then cut and harvest the sod right before it's delivered to a customer. Fresh cut sod is usually very healthy, with strong roots, as it's been planted and has been growing naturally right up until it's cut and sent to your property. Sod that is not fresh cut may be kept on pallets and may be watered so that the roots stay relatively strong, but it may not be as healthy and as attractive as fresh cut sod.

Can a homeowner install sod on their own?

You can usually purchase sod and then install it on your own, but this job isn't as easy as you might expect. The ground should be firm so that the sod stays in place, but shouldn't be compacted, as the delicate roots of fresh sod need to grow through that soil. You also don't want to overstretch fresh sod, as this can pull and separate those roots. Cutting rolls of sod to work around landscaping features and trees may also be more difficult than you realize, and you may wind up with layers of sod that overlap walkways or even your home. For these reasons, it's usually best to have an installer put down fresh sod for you.

When is synthetic turf better than natural sod?

Synthetic turf may be a better option for areas with lots of foot traffic, such as for a home tennis court or basketball court, or for families with dogs and other pets. Synthetic turf is more durable and doesn't have roots that will get torn up from heavy foot traffic, and won't be affected by pet waste. However, synthetic turf does need regular repair and maintenance, and will also need cleaning to remove leaves, twigs, and other debris. It may also cut off the supply of oxygen to your property's soil and hold too much moisture underground, so be selective about areas where you apply synthetic turf.