Creating innovative outdoor collaboration areasCreating innovative outdoor collaboration areas

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Creating innovative outdoor collaboration areas

To create an awesome office environment you need to look more widely than just the office building. Using the area around the office with some creative landscaping can create some really cool outdoor collaboration areas so that people can work together while making the most of the beautiful weather. It can be a really good idea to get a landscape architect involved very early in the project to make sure that your indoor and outdoor areas are effectively integrated. This blog is all about creating workspaces in the great outdoors and will suit architects and building managers making the most of their space.

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Benefits of Constructing Your Home on Sloping Land

There is no ignoring the fact that opting to build on a slope would be more expensive than constructing on flat land. However, this should not deter you from choosing this type of location. Before making this decision, you should ask yourself what the additional costs would be. These costs could include hiring the services of professionals such as land surveyors and structural engineers who can determine the best design as well as the mode of construction for your residence. Once you have an idea of how much more expensive it would be, you could try to establish whether the extra cost would be worth the investment. If your land is located on prime property, more often than not you will find that the benefits of having your structure on a slope will outweigh the initial costs of construction. The following are some of the reasons why you should consider building on a slope.

Sweeping views

One of the main benefits of building on a sloping block of land is the views that you will be afforded on the property. Being at a higher elevation than everything else will give you panoramic vistas of your environment, no matter where you are in the home. In addition to this, you can enhance your views by incorporating glass in the design elements of your structure. Opting for glass balustrading, French doors and bifold windows will make the space seem more open to the outdoors. These views are definitely something that money will not be able to buy.

Natural ventilation

Another reason to consider building on a slope is the enhanced ventilation that your home will receive. Professional builders will take measures to ensure that the structure is appropriately designed to make the most of the prevailing breezes that are abundant at high elevations. This natural ventilation is not simply a source of fresh air, though. It is also a great way of decreasing the energy bills of your home. With enhanced ventilation, you will rely less on artificial cooling. This would be a great way to conserve the energy consumed by your air conditioning during the hotter summer months.

Increased resale value

Professionals who flip houses by seeking out fixer uppers tend to go out of their way to locate homes built on a slope. This is because they tend to be in short supply, making them a lucrative option when it comes to return on investment. As such, opting to build your house on a slope will significantly enhance its resale value. In the event that you are considering putting the house on the market after a while, this would be an ideal location for your construction.